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Look what we have here! Just for you, a 20% discount coupon code courtesy of the guys at ThemeIsle. Thank you so much for being so awesome. You rock! Here, greetings from Romania:

Thank you for contacting us. We’re glad that you decided to write about our theme Hestia.

Please use the newpirate20 discount code in order to receive 20% discount. – Madalin Milea.

Hit the shiny golden button below to sign up and burst open your own treasure trove of the week. No spoiler alert, it’s bursting at the seams with dazzling WordPress themes and plugins. All WordPress themes and plugins built at ThemeIsle deliver, which means all kinds of good things for your ROI.

Sign Up Now, Get 20% Off & Over $3,000 WordPress Goodies

The ThemeIsle Story

About Themeisle What We DoThemeIsle is the only WordPress theme shop where clients are called pirates, and “pirates” don’t mean ill-tempered sailors out to kill and steal. Nah, not that kinda pirate. We mean the other guy, the funny one. If you’re thinking Jack Sparrow, you’re in the right direction.

Catering to over 470,000 WordPress users like you out there, ThemeIsle is a force to reckon with. That, and they have a huge collection of free WordPress themes. Don’t let “free” mislead you, the free WordPress themes from ThemeIsle will blow you away.

Really, you will want to hold on to your wig as well, because these guys are serious about creating highly responsive and multipurpose WordPress themes that speak to your audience. Ionut and the team are a friendly lot from the much I gathered via our email conversation earlier on.

ThemeIsle Treasure Trove

For as little as $99 per year, you can get access to over 20 of the best WordPress themes and 12 months of basic support. On top of that, this “Treasure Chest Lite” package gives you access to new themes, 3 domain licenses, basic support, WordPress video tutorials and 1 year of free shared hosting.

If adrenaline rush and random bursts of energy sounds like you, spring for the $299 Pirate Club plan that ships with the above plus an extra 10 WordPress plugins such as WP Product Review, Nivo Slider etc, a lifetime of support and updates, priority support and unlimited domains license.

Sign up via your special discounted coupon “newpirate20” to get a 20% discount on your Treasure Trove. Really, this is one WordPress theme package every WordPress designer and developer should have in their toolkit.

Sign Up Now, Get 20% Off & Over $3,000 WordPress Goodies

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